Nacho Coll
Software Engineer
AWS Enterprise Architect, Evangelist and Developer

support notes was a simple (but robust) GPS Tracking solution I coded long time ago to help my daughter feel more secure when coming back from school. The App had a great success and was used by more than 5 million users (sic), but I decided to move forward and search for new exciting adventures.
If you still need such a solution, I recently created a simplified version, that use new coding techniques that makes the application sustainable for a solo developer. Feel free to test and use it, but please be aware of:
  • There are hundreds of different use cases (mobile version, GPS coverage, etc) so try the app before the long run. Some users have been using the app for years. Others just don't like it. It's up to you.
  • In 99,99999% of the cases (years of experience), if you're not getting the mobile GPS location ...
    • check if the app is still installed on the mobile (e.g. if you installed on your child mobile)
      user can always uninstall the app, so try to explain and not to hide ;)
    • verify the app has location (tracking) permissions enabled - allow full background location use
    • some Android versions may stop the app after a while (for saving battery)
      add the WAY app to the white-list
    • check the log details you will find on the website once you sign-in
      maybe the mobile GPS is disabled
If after checking everything the application is still not working, contact me. I will check and try to help you.

Thank you!