Nacho Coll
Senior Enterprise Architect
AWS Solutions Architect, Developer and Evangelist

support notes (or is a simple (but robust) GPS Tracking solution I coded a few years ago to help my daughter feel more secure when coming back from school. If you're having some issue while using it, please check the following.
  • The app costs $19USD a year, or $1.5USD per month, and that's basically a non-profit price. Revenue is mainly engaged in the maintenance of systems.
  • There are hundreds of different use cases (mobile version, GPS coverage, etc) so try the app for 1 day before paying the cost. Some users have been using the app for years. Others just don't like it. It's up to you.
  • In 99,99999% of the cases (5+ years experience), if you're not getting the mobile GPS location ...
    • check if the app is still installed on the mobile
      user can always uninstall so try to explain, not to hide ;)
    • some Android versions will stop the app after a while (for saving battery)
      add the mobile app to allowed-to-run list (click here fo help on how to do that)
    • check the log details
      maybe the mobile GPS is disabled (click here for help)
  • If you're having a payment problem, contact me. I will check and solve the issue.
    (please, do not ask for refunds, It's a nearly-free solution that works!)

Thank you!