Nacho Coll
Software Engineer
AWS Enterprise Architect, Evangelist and Developer
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currently working for NORDEA in Denmark
Nordea is a European financial services group
and serves 9.3 million private and 530,000
active corporate customers.
previously at
Vueling Airlines (IAG Group)
Second largest airline company in Spain,
part of the IAG Group.
and some time ago also worked for
... and a few others not so well-known ;)
Free Time coding

Blockchain Web Services

Web Services for the blockchains.

Free Email Marketing tool

I didn't find a cheap solution, so I built one

Free API to create your PDF invoices

Testing C# support for AWS Lambda feature

Simple Mobile Tracking

A sustainable solo-coding solution based on
5+ Million users app.


Family GPS Tracking

Android App(s) I made to protect my dear daughter, Joana
that was used by more than 5 million users! on youtube

The Digital Catalog

iOS App for product showcase and take orders.
After running for some years, I decided to
go ahead for new adventures. on youtube